loot-goodies from art star craft bazaar!

heya folks. sorry I've been m.i.a for the past little while. we've had an awesome cold going around our house and pretty much everyone has been lucky enough to experience it... well, except lali (our dog).

but I sucked it up yesterday, because I had been dreaming about november 20th for months. no little itty bitty cold was going to keep me from going to the art star craft bazaar. oh, heck no. I packed my tissues and ricolas and hit the atm. there was serious shopping to be done!!

I will be the first to admit that usually I am a crazy shopper. like impulse, just see it, love it, buy it kind of shopping. I was lucky that my friend lynn was with me. her practical energy kept me grounded. our shopping strategy was to look around the whole bazaar first, and then go in for the kill. I think this saved me lots of money and buyer's remorse. because there was at least ten things I saw on my first go-around that I was sure I was going to buy - but by the time I came around a third time, I had talked myself out of. I didn't spend nearly as much money as I thought I was going to (or wanted to!). but I do feel like the things I did get were totally worth it. and on top of the tangible things, I felt some inspiration for ideas to make some things myself....uh, yea, we'll see if that ever happens though! here's a little peak into my bazaar booty...

set of noosed kitty magnets. got these at the art star booth. I really wanted the prints, but felt they were impractical. these are just as cute and were much more cost effective - just sad they didn't have the wrestler one as a magnet!
'i love you more than zombies love brains' mug by foldedpigs. also purchased at the art star booth. I was kind of sad to not get the matching plate as well, but now that I've found their etsy shop, I know the possibilities are endless!
portable fortitude playing cards by corina dross. these are just a few of my favorite cards, but I really love them all. I love her style and her humor. they're so beautiful! I would have much rather had some frameable prints, but, again, the practicality of that... hmmph.
totally love at first sight when I saw this inspirational 2012 calendar by spread the love. I don't know who the mountain goats are, but they are very wise.

there were so many other great craftspeople there... and so many awesome things. it was really a willpower test for me, and I think I did pretty good. but I totally can't wait until it happens again in the spring!!

to see other vendors that were there, click here.

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