a gopi in autumn

did you know that radhika also makes gopi skirts for children? I have to confess that I've only ever ordered skirts for my daughter madhavi. ever since my last pregnancy I've been very self-conscious about my mid-drift, so I've been living vicariously through her. I wanted you to know that I'm not promoting radhika's skirts "just because". I'm promoting them because I've ordered from her before and love what she does. and she offers the best costumer service. I really can't say enough good things about her or her skirts.

here is a little photo essay: a gopi in autumn. madhavi is wearing a beautiful iridescent printed purple cotton skirt with a beaded cream chiffon duppata from none other than gopi skirts by radhika (I believe this skirt is still available for purchase. also, here is a link to madhavi wearing another skirt by radhika).


spinning, dancing, running, jumping, or just thinking about krishna.

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