feliz dia de los muertos!

today is dia de los muertos. I've had an affinity for sugar skulls for a long time - long before they became trendy and hipster. this year I decided to dress up for halloween at work - and yes, I was the only person in my school to do it (people are so lame!). I decided to be a dia de los muertos skull - besides the fact that it's an awesome costume, I also didn't have to buy anything for it (except make-up, which cost me like $5). I google image searched day of the dead make-up and saw lots of awesome pictures for make-up inspiration. I really love the way my whole costume came together - though it seems like the make-up I got wasn't the most ideal. it was kind of oily and didn't go on as smoothly or finely as I would like. I really love the way sarah's (from silly grrl) make-up came out. I think I'll try this again one day - maybe again next halloween?

top: target
skirt: matchless gifts, brooklyn, ny (via my good friend satya)
shawl/cadar: my first cadar ever, given to me by a friend (steve!) in high school - he picked it up from a garage sale
necklaces/bracelets: target (dollar section - and they're wood, not plastic!)
earrings: ten thousand villages

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