what I'm watching: project runway on lifetime

I'm a long-time, die-hard project runway fan. my husband and I have been watching since season one. sometimes I like the winner, sometimes I don't. I was totally a christian siriano fan and was so happy when he won season four. oh, and seth aaron - yeay! when he won season seven. but sometimes it's totally disappointment, like last season, when mondo guerra didn't win. that was a big wth!


so needless to say, when the final four were picked after this past week's final challenge, there were two obvious choices (anya and viktor), one that was obvious but annoying (josh), and the last that was a shock! kimberly?! over laura?! what the?! sometimes I think heidi and michael and nina are not seeing the same things I'm seeing.

now I'm worried. honestly, I don't really care whether or not anya or viktor wins - I kind of like anya better, but viktor's designs are always solid and beautiful. but I'm scared. because if josh or kimberly wins I might break my laptop. like toss it off the table. the suspense is killing me! until next week...

my favorite viktor luna design

my favorite anya ayoung chee design

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