what I wore: sunday evening birthday bhajans

this evening we went to a little birthday celebration for my friends saibya and premarnava's son havi. havi is a sweet boy who just turned two. he and gita share a love for trucks, cars, and bouncy balls. for his party saibya planned an awesome potluck ekadasi vegetarian dinner and an evening of bhajans (like kirtan). I haven't been to any temples or devotional functions in a while - life has been crazy hectic and weekends have been full of this-and-that-ness - so I took this opportunity to wear a little something fun. here's what I wore...

sweater: avery hoodie in black by neve designs
skirt: ghera skirt by fabindia (the print almost looks like a bandhani, but I don't know if it is technically)
necklace: tulasi and silver, sriji jewelers, vrindavan.
shoes: black ballet flats, target


staciamurphy said...

The sweater looks awesome!

k.mala gutierrez said...

for the record, I didn't pay full price - got it off of zulily! :)

saibya said...

You looked very sharp. so glad you all came!