saturday in pictures

ok, so the original idea when I came up with 'saturday in pictures' was to keep my mouth shut and not give any commentary when I would do a post. but, just for a second... really.

my oh-so-loveably-naughty sixteen month old, gita govinda, hid my canon point-and-shoot. we.cannot.find.it.anywhere!!! jd and I were frantically searching for it this morning before we set out for the day, but to no avail. it could literally be anywhere in the house. and since gita only says things like, 'moo!' and 'shoppin' and sometimes whispers 'dropped it,' I don't think she's about to tell where she hid the camera.

anywho, I ended up shooting today with my iphone. I decided to use the hipstamatic app and do the randomized setting. basically, I would just shake my iphone and the app would randomly choose the lens, filter, and film. so you will notice that each picture is in a different style.

ok. I'm shutting up now.


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