random thursday: doin'-it-myself plans, word doodling, and being 'feist'y

heidy ho there, neighbors.

I've been seriously re-addicted to pinterest lately. when I have nothing else to do on the internet, I mindlessly scroll through the 'everything' pins section. I've found quite a few beautiful things and lots of ideas for doin'-it-myself projects. this weekend I'm going to tackle a very tedious doin'-it-myself project. I've been trying to find a cheap used desk for my daughter's room for a while now, and finally came across the perfect one on craigslist last weekend. I went and picked it up a few days ago - it's in great shape, structurally. but it needs to be repainted in a bad way. so this weekend while madhavi is with her dad, I'll be sanding and priming and repainting. hopefully it will get done by sunday so when she comes home it will be a nice surprise.
I think the next doin'-it-myself project is going to be to make a quilt for gita. I've been wanting to make a quilt out of all the flannel receiving blankets we used when she was a newborn (I have a dozen or so of them for some odd reason) but couldn't think of a pattern that would look nice. pinterest to the rescue! I stumbled across a pin to a flannel rag quilt and knew immediately it would be perfect. I'm hoping to do it very soon - that would be half of one of the things (#33) on my 40/40 list done!

hopefully mind will look as good!
remember a few thursdays ago when I said I wanted to learn how to doodle? I talked to jd about it and he was all like, 'yea, sure, I'll show you how to doodle.' yeay! I was so excited. until we actually sat down to do it. I basically had the realization that not only can I not draw, but I can't doodle. sigh.

the un-rules of doodling.

bad doodles and realizations.

he tried to teach me something about perspective. I doodled about how boring it was.

jd's doodles. showoff.

ok, fine. whatever. I can't draw. but I had a realization today. I can doodle. but my doodling is with words. I've always been like that - writing down random words and phrases - sometimes taping or gluing them together to make something else. maybe it's not traditional doodling, or even my dream-doodling, but it's art none-the-less.

some recent word doodles.

the last time I was in starbucks I picked up a free-download card for a song off of feist's new album. I have been hearing everywhere how brilliant 'metals' is. and after downloading 'bittersweet melodies' I'm so wanting it! she's so soooooooooothing and dark and peaceful and melancholy all at the same time. here's a little snippit:

coincidentally, this evening while trying to entertain gita with some sesame street videos from youtube, I re-discovered feist's sesame street performance. hearts!

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