random thursday: the blow, dooooodling, and coooooooooooooookies!

whewwww. I'll tell ya - by the time thursday evening rolls around, I'm exhausted from the week. it's like I made it over the hump but fell flat on my face. but I'll still give you a little somethin' somethin'.

a few days ago my bff shared a video on my fb page of this band called 'the blow'. lynn (whose full name I tend to say in my head the way oprah would say it when she gets excited) totally knows my musical taste (although I, apparently, don't know her taste in handbags). and it's so crazy that as I was going through my bloglovin' list that hayley over at the indie thrifter loves them too - hello, same blog that introduced me to agent ribbons!! anywho, the blow is totally rad. hearts!!

I also came across this blog and was promptly depressed at my lack of artistic abilities - including the ability to properly doodle. like, dude, seriously, I can't even doodle! luckily, though, my artsyfartsy husband can do more than doodle, and promised me today that he would teach me the science of proper doodling. I look forward to sharing that with you soon.

about as good as my doodling gets - a notebook page from high school

oh, wait, did I mention that my husband, jd, makes what the kids these days would call slammin' cookies? ok, granted, he's using my recipe. ok, well, someone else's recipe that I tweaked. but still, it's kind of awesome that he just felt the need to make a batch. thanks cookie pants!

low-light-no-make-up me, scarfing down some eggless choco-chip oatmeal walnut with craisin coooooookies

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