random thursday: the bleeblahbloos

today was a not-so-blustry drizzly day. it totally made my mood all kinds of dreary. I kind of don't even feel like blogging right now, especially since I had plans on what I wanted to blog about, but they were foiled thanks to some sites not letting me borrow images. eh, I don't even feel like explaining it.

here's some randomness for you...

this week I've been following a no dairy, no wheat, no gluten, no sugar diet. I wouldn't exactly call it a cleanse, though I originally did a similar cleanse a few years ago when I was following Kathy Freston's twenty-one day plan from her book Quantum Wellness. this is all in hopes of kicking my weight-loss back into shape. you might (or might not) know that I've been following weight watchers for over a year now in an attempt to lose the seventy-ish pounds that I gained when I was slurping down chocolate milkshakes every night while gita was in the womb. of course I lost some right after she was born, but not much - and so it's been a good battle for the past year and I've lost about forty-sevenish pounds. I'm close - really close to getting to my goal weight. like seriously only three or four pounds... but I'm stuck. stuck. stuck. and weight watchers just isn't doing it for me any more. I'm at the point where I give up on the point counting jibbajabba. and yes, I know. I should be exercising. I'm sure it's just what my body needs - trust me - I'm actually craving it. but I just don't have the time or the energy. sigh. I hate it.
but anyway, I digress. I'm hoping that by cutting out some of the things that I know I eat a lot of and replacing those things with healthier choices (like carrot sticks instead of a sugarycarby granola bar for a snack) will help to kick my self off of this plateau. it's been ok so far - the hardest part has been the no sugar. I'm noticing how much sugary crippitycrap I eat on a regular basis (hello girl scout and short bread cookies!!!). I'm craving chocolate and sweets like a fiend, and my only explanation is that it is because I eat so much. I'm hoping the jonsin' for the sweets will calm down soon. fingers crossed.
so, yea, if I haven't lost at least a pound this week, I'm totally going on a cookie binge on saturday. just sayin.

here's one last random tidbit...

I originally heard a cover of gregory and the hawk's avalanche, oh avalanche when jenny owen youngs posted her version on her facebook page. I kind of forgot about it for a little while. I'm not sure why - but then it popped into my head the other day (not sure why...) so I decided to try and look it up. low and behold (because the internet is a magical place) I found the original version... along with many other beautiful songs. meredith's voice is quite enchanting. I must say, I'm a bit smitten.

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