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I had a whole other post planned for this evening, but I've been sitting here painting my toenails and wasting time on facebook for the past two hours, and now I'm quite sleepy, so yea.

did you know I [used to] quilt? it's like the only crafty thing I do. I don't do it very well, and it usually frustrates the crippitycrap out of me, but I have been known to pull a home-made day-project baby quilt out of my you-know-where in a pinch.

one of my favorites

most recent one - first attempt at applique... it was pretty sloppy

this evening I was looking for some fabric for a different potential project and came across some super cute swatches. I thought I'd do a little sharing before bedtime.

Alexander Henry 'Calaveras' in pink
Alexander Henry Folklorico Garden

Alexander Henry Green Bean Garden Vegetables

Bird Houses by Good Life in organic cotton

Alexander Henry Frida's Garden in light tan

Luis Fitch Viva! Virgin Mary in purple

sleep tight!!

all images from hartsfabric.com

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