photobooth changing bodies tradition

when my daughter madhavi turned one back in 2003, I decided to start a tradition of bringing her to our local aquarium for her birthday. I would also take her into the arcade across the boardwalk from the aquarium and get her picture taken in the old-fashioned photobooth. we did this every year for five years - and it is amazing to see her changing-bodies transformation... from baby to toddler to little kid. I am so sad I slacked off and stopped doing it after she turned five. I was also so sad when the arcade got rid of their old-fashioned photobooth for an updated version. the pictures just weren't the same!

when gita was born I kept thinking how I wanted to start the tradition again. but I didn't want to do it at the cheesy-newer-booth. then one day a few months ago I ambled into funk & standard variety store in red bank, which is a super awesome kitschy-hip clothing and knick-knack-bric-a-brack type shop. low-and-behold, to my surprise and absolute delight, they had a an old-fashioned photobooth! I mean, seriously, that's just how they roll! I made a mental note that I had to make a plan to get back... and today I finally did. I'm so excited to re-kindle this little tradition... and hopefully I will keep it going!

madhavi's first five years. (you can see the last one was taken in the newer booth. yuk!)
sisters starting a new tradition together. check out gita's face in the last frame. haha!

seriously, could these be any cuter?! gita govinda, 16 months.

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Devadeva Mirel said...

All are adorable...esp.the McGoo! Love Madhavi's zooey bangs!