not a craft tutorial, a craft challenge

ok, this isn't a craft blog, so this isn't a craft tutorial.

now that we've established that, I thought I would share with you a little project I worked on yesterday. I've been wanting to make something for my friend lynn, aka mrs. scissors, for a while now. I've been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of many of her crafting and tutorials (see here, here(yum!), here, and here). I thought it was time to return the favor... with a little challenge attached. challenge, you say? why, yes...please, let me elaborate...

the idea originally came to me when I found a new blog love called wild olive, which I found while click-hopping along. I immediately started rummaging through mollie's tutorials, projects, and patterns. that's when I came across one for a "mug rug" (actually, technically it was a guest post from another blogger - but you can see all that detail in the original post). I thought it was such a cute project that I just had to try it out. so I went off to Jo Ann's fabric and picked up a bunch of coordinating stacks of fat quarters and some trim. I decided that instead of using the embroidery pattern that was in the original tutorial, I would modify a pattern that lynn sent me a while back for a super cute felt matryoshka doll.

but, wait, what about the challenge? oh, yes, right. so I put it all together, then packed up all of the fabric I used and gave it to mrs. scissors - now she has to make me something.... but she must use the same fabric. (oooooh, aaaaahhhh, oh no she didn't!) so, tag mrs. scissors... you're it! bring it onnnnn! (ok, just for the record, I know whatever she makes is going to be way cuter and more awesomer (totally a word) than what I made... she's just got it like that. but shhh, don't tell her I said that!)

here's a peak into what I made...

the materials

lining up my fabric

matryoshka pattern

putting her together

by this point my hand was starting to cramp!

super awesome, but difficult to put on, trim

a mug rug! (not a potholder)

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