little frida

honestly, I've never been superduper into halloween. I mean, I've always liked/enjoyed it just as much as the next guy. when I had my first daughter, it became a little bit more fun because I could dress her up as whatever I wanted - but then she got old enough to ask to be what she wanted, which kind of squelched my fun. now that I have another baby, the joy is back - at least a little bit.

I toyed with a few different ideas before deciding that gita was going to be a baby frida kahlo. I came up with a few ideas and then set the plan in motion.

the anatomy of frida style: long ruffly skirt, peasant top, shawl, flowers in the hair, chunky jewelry, and a monkey

the top was easy - I already had a peasant-meixcan-y looking top that I layered over a black long sleeved shirt (it's cold, after all!). then I had my friend dayna, the mistress of hookworm crafts, whip up a few very important accessories - crocheted flowers and a poncho. last, but not least, she needed a long, ruffly, and festive skirt. easy enough, right? so I went and got some beautiful alexander henry fabric and made a quicky skirt.

voila! gitacita became a fridacita!

it was *really* difficult to get gita to stand still long enough to get a good full-body shot. these were the best that I could do. and just so you don't think we don't love madhavi too - here's a sister's shot. she was a 'vampira'...uh, I guess that means old-fashioned-girl-vampire??


Devadeva Mirel said...

oh.my.GAAAAD!!!! this is the cutestmostfabulousbestest costume EVER!!!! sooo cute. sooo coool. whooooowheeeeelove it!!!! why no unibrow?

k.mala gutierrez said...

lol! we were going to do the unibrow - actually, they dressed up on the 30th too, and we did a mini one then - but then I realized that no one would even know who/what she was supposed to be, so I thought it was better not to. people thought we were weird enough as it was. but jd really wanted to give her the uni and 'stache.

Devadeva Mirel said...

is m.'s hair brown now?

k.mala gutierrez said...

it's definitely getting darker. kind of dark dirty blonde I guess.

Magical Day Dream said...

Wow I love all the colors in this look!