alexander henry, will you marry me?

a little bit ago I posted about some fabric I was lusting over. I was going to order yardage from harts fabric for gita's kind-of-secret halloween costume, but then realized that spending $30 plus shipping for three yards of fabric was kind of crazy. with a little self-control I decided to take a trip to jo ann's fabric to save a little money. I picked up a fabric that I thought would work and didn't even look at the name of it - because, well, why would I do that? then I saw another fabric that gave me some butterflies and I thought, ok, just one more yard... oh, and some lining... so yea, ok, three yards. but still - it was all on sale, so no problem. as I was standing on line to get the fabric cut and trying to zone out gita's crying I noticed that two of the fabrics I picked up were alexander henry designs - the exact designer of two of the fabrics I was going to order from harts. huh. weird, right? I decided to look him up - I mean, he must be somebody, right?

I think - no, I'm pretty sure, that alexander henry is the fabric design equivalent of my poetry billy collins crush. cue my crush song.

ok, so I realize that there is no alexander henry - it's a group of designers and painters...but really, I just want to marry the fabric anyway.

if you're like me and fabric make you all mushy inside, go on over to the ah collections page and take a gander. as for what I bought... you'll see that soon enough.

'home sewing is easy' by alexander henry designs

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