what she wore: sri vyasa puja

if you remember from my post a few days ago, this past sunday was my guru's birthday party. vyasa puja is a really intense and busybusy day for the disciples of the guru, so I didn't really have any time at all to stop and take pictures of what I was wearing. I was pretty bummed because I was wearing one of my *favorite!* delhi saris. it's super cute, trust me. but alas, there's no photographic evidence. I guess I'll just have to wear it again soon so I can share it with you.
I did, however, have my husband snap a few shots of mrs. geetz mcgoo in her ensemble. so here's what my little fashionista wore...

on gita:
cotton skirt/top set. big-sister-hand-me-down. originally brought back from delhi by my good friend satya.

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Anonymous said...

Deare Dear Gita, We have met, but
you are hard put to remember
I was eating a Chinese dish and you were spin doctoring the restaurant floor like forraging squirrel as your parents glowed in their love for you.

We shared the planet...well you share up to two feet of it but your eyes occupied the universe...small planets, huge stars that burst at every look in the here and there seeing of your age the tic tac of times smallest glimses that will but return to you their owed wage in dream, in soapy bubble that is this moment of your eternal precious priceless youth when your you
was starting to be you.