what I wore: indous fair/janmastami/radhastami iskcon of cnj

yesterday we went to the indousfair - which was originally supposed to be last weekend, but then hurricane irene came through and it was rescheduled for this weekend. it was headlined as the janmastami celebration for iskcon of central new jersey - but ironically, with the reschedule, it ended up falling on radhastami. overall, it was a nice festival. madhavi said her favorite part was swinging the deities and the magic show. gita said her favorite part was the real live cow from gita nagari - ok, she didn't say that exactly, but her "cow! cow! mooooo! mooo!" all the way home pretty much said it all. here's what we wore:

on madhavi:
cotton three-piece salwar (or as hare krishnas call it, a gopi skirt) - Gopi Skirts by Radhika

on gita:
two piece cotton set, looks like it could be considered a pavadai skirt? not sure. gift from our friend Lila Katha.

on me:
weird synthetic material black/red punk rock check skirt. from Ganga Prasad, Loi Bazaar, Vrindavan. I also wore a black cotton stretch choli, which I realized is extremely unflattering, hence no photo. finished it off with two black scarves/pallu pieces - one plain, one with gold stamping.


Lila Katha said...

you all look beautiful and the outfit on gita looks so cute!!

Faith Lasts said...

What a delight to see so much beauty! Govind Damodar Madhaveti