random thursday: what I want, bloggy contests, and webfinds

I had off of work today thanks to rosh hashanah. happy new year to all!
anywho, that meant that I was around to give gita her morning nap and while she was sleeping I caught up on my bloghopping. I hopped on over to kara haupt's i just might explode and was greeted there by a *fabulous* giveaway!

seriously, I never win anything - but I really love kara's blog so much and the prizes are so freaking awesome that it is totally worth my effort! so making this post is my last entry... fingggggerrrrs crossed!!

I had heard of bloglovin' before this contest, but never really got into exploring it. and now that I'm bloghopping more often, it seems like it will be a very useful tool. it's basically a catch-all blogs-you-read/follow feed. I'm hoping to get as many of the blogs that I read as I can on my feed so I won't have to keep track so much! it kind of reminds me of pinterest... but different. did I mention I am on pinterest too? seriously addictive!

I went shopping yesterday... well, window shopping. the only thing I bought was a trenta unsweetened black iced. but there was lots of fun things to look at. oh, anthropologie - you slay me!

anthro wish list

pier 1 is also very dangerous.

pier 1

a girl can dream, can't she??


Sabrina said...

forgive me for sounding like a newbie, but how do you blog hop? I am clueless.

k.mala gutierrez said...

by bloghopping I just mean like looking at different blogs - I pretty much check the same blogs everyday and go in the same order because I have a weird ocd problem. :) but yea, I guess it's just like looking through the sunday paper or something... does that even make sense?! ;)