random thursday stuff: finding agent ribbons and what I wore...to work.

today has been a relatively crappy day. but I'm feeling like there's no need to dwell on the crippitycrappiness of it all. rather, I'd like to share the few fun things of the day.

today I decided to wear a salwar/punjabi like outfit to work. I mean, ok, it was borderline really - because it was a pair of plain black linen pants from new york & co. and a tunic style top from anokhi. I've avoided wearing my indian-ish clothes to work for two main reasons: I thought people would think it was weird, and most of them show my tattoos. well, I'm kind of over both. I've come back to work (from my maternity leave) with a kind of "who the hell cares" attitude about what I wear. not in the sense that I dress like a hobo, but like, I'm just going to wear what I feel like and not worry about whether people will approve or whether my tattoos will show. but anyway, I digress. I was excited mostly because I was wearing an anokhi top. to say that I love anokhi would be a gross understatement. it's seriously one of my most favoritest (again, totally a word!) stores ever. the top I wore was from the 'lucia ribbon' december 2010 story (for some reason they call collections "stories". I don't know why.). originally I wanted this dress version because it would look so cute with tights and boots. but I never ordered it from the u.s. retailer, raga rags, so I kind of missed out. my friend, satya, goes to india to shop every spring - so this past year I asked her to pick me up something in this print. here's what I got, and what I wore to work today...

incidentally, more than one student inquired as to why I was wearing "chinese clothes". what the...?! you can't see it right now, but I'm rolling my eyes.

on another note, sometimes when I get bored at work I start blog hopping. I was really superduper tired last night, so I didn't get to do my usual blog-reading-rundown. I was looking at one of my favorite daily reads, the dainty squid, when one of the blog-ads on the side caught my eye. I clicked on  indie thrifter and started rummaging through posts. I came upon a series called "DIY Bands and Musos" and fell in love with one of her features - agent ribbons. seriously awesomeness!! I totally love their simple but old-school-vintagey sound. and this girl's voice is totally rich and beautiful. it's one of those voices that when I hear it, I think, "man, I wish *I* could sing like that!!!" I'm seriously in love, people. seriously! check them out!

they're so cute. totally makes me miss my red hair! :(

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