from the archives: organic strawberry jam

I've been planning to create and produce my own hand-made chapbook for some time now. I'm a little lazy and have been a little busy, so I haven't really gotten around to doing it yet. but now that things are starting to settle down a little, I think I'm going to get working on it. in my heart I want to tell you that it will be done by november 15th. but you know I'm bad at making promises like that, so maybe I won't tell you that at all.

my original working title was going to be organic strawberry jam and other poems, based, of course, off the popular idea of titling a work after a leading poem and then adding "and other poems". I don't want to get too into it now, since I'll eventaully explain my concept when I get my shtuff together, but I have decided to, instead, title the book [...] and other poems. I thought, though, that maybe for today I would pull that old lead poem out of the archives and share it with you. heck, why not?


organic strawberry jam

counting the apples
in the basket
to decide
what day is today,
the jar slides
from my hands
to the floor.
curse the cost.
curse the mess.
curse life.

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