frida kahlo clippings and ganesha certainly is fresh

this week has been a little hectic. I won't go into too much detail because tomorrow, after all, is freaky friday vlog day - so I'll save it all for that. but just to give you a little taste...

I chopped all of my beautiful but high-maintenance hair off. now it is short and black. I like it and I'm sad all at once. 
when I took that picture of all of my hair on the floor I had an intense frida kahlo moment. it totally made me think of her short hair chop self-portrait.

self-portrait with cropped hair, frida kahlo. 1940

my hair chopping wasn't for quite as dramatic of a reason as frida's, and I'm not trying to get in touch with my masculine side, either. really, just trying to get rid of some dry bleached out locks.

self-portrait with chopped hair, k.mala gutierrez. 2011.

on a side note, today is ganesha chaturthi. to be honest, I've never heard of this festival - as a devotee of krishna I have always been told that demigod worship is borderline sinful. but I have to tell you, for me, before krishna came into my life, ganesha was in my heart. I've always had an affinity for him, and when I was in high school I wore a pendant with shiva on one side and his son ganesha on the other. ganesha is known to be the remover of obstacles, and as a devotee of krishna I have also always been told that ganesha could remove the obstacles in the path to pure loving devotion to krishna. now I try to worship him in that way. I have a cute little deity of ganesha on my altar, right next to my gopisvara mahadeva deity. I really love ganesha. so what if I'm a demigod worshipper. so sue me.

this isn't the ganesha deity on my altar, but another favorite form. he's so handsome.

I very coincidentally put this ganesha pendant on this morning, without knowing this is his special day!
 and as my favorite rapper yogi would say, ganesha is fresh. he makes everything possible because elephant power is unstoppable. hearts!

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