crappy-magazine self-portrait collage

as a "back to school" activity, I had my students do a little self-reflection. if you were bored enough to watch my vlog from last friday, you already know that I had them fill out an "About Me" questionnaire. after they finished that they moved on to writing an "I Am" poem - a subject I will revisit at a later date. and then I had them complete a self-portrait by making a collage of images from crappy entertainment/fashion library-discard magazines. I told them to choose images that spoke to them - that they felt represented something about themselves. most of them came out pretty good - though some were lame - like a picture of a half-naked kim kardashian and a bottle of citrone. sigh. at any rate, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do this activity myself. so here are some images of my crappy-magazine self-portrait collage.

 please excuse the glare - yukkie florescent classroom lighting and all pictures taken with my iphone.

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