bolo barshani wali ki jaya jaya jaya!

today is radhastami. in honor of srimati radharani's special day, I thought I would share with you my most favoritest (um, totally a real word) forms of sri radha. while all forms of srimati radharani are extremely beautiful, there are a few that I am particularly attracted to. here they (she?) are:

radharani from the broome street temple, ny, ny

srimati radharani in sri vrindavan dham, iskcon temple, raman reti

srimati radharani in her form in javat, the village of her so-called-husband. her big eyes are so captivating!!

and my absolutely most favorite form of srimati radharani resides so close to home...

from brooklyn, ny, the most beautiful radharani ever!!!

I know on radharani's birthday you're supposed to get darshan of her lotus feet... but I couldn't find any pics on my hard drive, so I decided to share her merciful blessings via her open palm...


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