what I'm watching: beyond scared straight on a&e

I really like prison shows. something about them fascinates me. I've been known to watch the same episode of Lockup over and over (mostly because they show the same episodes over and over - but I'm very excited that a new season is starting!!). many of you might know that I am a teacher in a juvenile detention facility. when I heard about a&e's show Beyond Scared Straight I was beyond excited. a prison show that focuses on scaring and traumatizing deviant youth? now that's my cup of tea! I've only seen two episodes so far - Chowchilla, which was really good, and Mecklenburg, which was also quite entertaining. because I've only seen two episodes, it's hard to say how they will go - but I am noticing a pattern already. you get the bad kids' stories, their parents cry, they go to the program, get yelled and screamed at a lot, the prisoners threated to beat them, kill them, and/or rape them, the kids cry, they tell them to get straight or they're going to make them stay for a week, the kids cry more, the prisoners tell their stories, then they talk nice to the kids, then the kids get certificates. it seems like a lot of them get "straight" in the end, though of course there are a few badasses (like the stupid girl from Chowchilla). I could see myself, though, getting a little bored if it keeps following the same pattern. I'm hoping a&e throws in a little more drama as the season goes on.

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