a hairy situation

I'm mildly obsessed with my hair. I say mildly because I go through phases where I just let it grow and don't think about it. but every so often I get the brilliant idea that I should do something crazy and fun. if you remember not so long ago I wanted to have zooey deschanel bangs - that went pretty well.

I've been like this as long as I can remember - I've always wanted to do somewhat adventurous things with my hair. when I was little, my father never really let me do much because he's relatively conservative and likes long hair on girls. so when I was old enough, I let loose a little.

totally loved this cut. it was supposed to be like the girl in the band elastica. one side was longer than the other.

and when I got even a little bit older and really wanted to push the boundaries, I started messing with color.

I had always dreamed of having red hair. but like really red. like punky red. I was on the road to that in the picture above. very long story short, after I came home from the trip to europe where that picture was taken, I dyed my hair red - beautiful red, the read I had always wanted. and then two days later (and no pictures taken!) I had to go back to black to attend a family funeral.
and from there, I never saw the red again.

over the past year or so I've been toying with the idea of trying it again. in the meantime I was trying to appease myself by playing with different styles of bangs. some worked, some didn't.

the perfect example of why one should not do major changes at places like SuperCuts.
these, not so much.

I didn't really like these at the time, but in retrospect, they weren't so bad.
getting a little better here...

doing the sideswept thing... I kind of liked them like this too.
but then, as always, I got lazy and started growing everything out...

it was starting to get a little out of control...
 I toyed with a few different ideas - including just chopping it all off. my husband helped me to imagine what it would look like super short by photoshopping my face into Katie Holmes hair/body.

not too shabby.

but going so short can be risky. it's only hair, though, right? the red though... oh, the red! I just couldn't get it out of my mind. so one day I thought to myself... what the heck? why not just do it!

...and so I did!

what happened next is quite a long story - I'll try not to babble about it too much. I knew that after stripping and bleaching my naturallydyed black hair that I would have to take quite a bit of length off. I wanted some longer layers to give it a little bit of oomph, but really, I hate layers and generally think they're a bad idea. I told the stylist of my trepedation and asked her to be gentle and not give me a bad jennifer-aniston-friends cut. while I guess it's not exactly the "rachel", I stil don't like the cut. the stylist pretty much didn't hear what I said and made a bunch of short layers. sigh. ok, whatever, it grows. the picture above is from the day after I got it done - so the color is exactly how it was when I left (because I certainly didn't wash it right away!). this photo was taken in the sun - so it looks was brighter and more vibrant than it was. it was actually more maroon/violety, because, again, the stylist didn't really listen to me... but I was ok with it. it was close enough to what I asked for.

and then...
and then...
I started washing it...
and yes - I knew it was going to wash out some. and it was going to fade some. and that it was going to take some maintenance.

but a week and only 3 washings later my hair was 37 different shades of orange. oh, it was bad. real bad. like embarrassingly bad. so I called the salon and spoke with the manager - she said, oh, no problem, it will do that - come back in, no charge, we'll fix it. super. I can handle that. so I went back -and of course went to the same stylist, because really, even though she totally gave me the haircut I didn't want, it wasn't a bad cut - no big deal. she put the color on and I sat and watched it get darker and darker. shrug - ok. and then when she washed it out all I saw was eggplant. aubergine. purple.


actually, the color wasn't so bad. it was kind of cute. but really, I didn't spend 6 hours in the salon the week before, and lots of $$$ for violetyeggplant color. I wantd f'ing red!!! she assured me it would wash out and be lighter...
and it did.
and it was.
um, mauve.


so I called back again. and again the manager was super nice and told me to come back in. this time I saw a different stylist - not actually on purpose, the other girl wasn't working - but I'm glad I did, because finally someone who knew what she was doing! she put straight-up really red on me (no red violet, ew!) and my hair is almost completely perfectly what I wanted. I'm so happy!

I even decided to try to work with the cut a little bit and curled it up and pinned it back super cute today.

and then, after I got home from work today, I was like, hey, why not put a little headband on?

I tried to do a cute wink. it ended up not-so-cute.

and voila! I'm quite satisfied... now, I will just refrain from washing my hair... um, like, forever. :)

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Devadeva Mirel said...

i was hoping to see some mauve pics. love the pinned hair! congrats. it;s a journey!!