40/40 - forty things to do by age 40

a little while back I was blog click-hopping and I came across someone doing a 30/30 - that is thirty things to accomplish before she turned thirty-years-old. I had recently done my own 30/30, though mine was a writing exercise that involved thirty poems in thirty days - still the concept was similar and intriguing. since I'm already over 30 (sigh), I would obviously have to revise the idea a bit - and it seems like quite a few people do the same challenge based on their own situations. one blogger that I really love is doing a 40/20 - forty things before she is twenty (well isn't that nice!). I thought to myself how to do it... should I do a 35/35? naaa, 35 is creeping up quickly, and I'd rather have a little extra time. so I've decided to embark on a 40/40 - forty things to do by age 40. I'm 32.7 now, so I'll have a little more than seven years to complete my list - that is, until february 22, 2019. man-o-man, that seems so far away! but I know it will be here in a flash. and while some of the things on my list are simple - some are a little bit more complex and time consuming... so I better get started!!

I want to say first that it took me well over a month to compile this list. I'd say the first 10-15 items came rather easily. there were some that I hemmed and hawed about. there were some that I changed, some that I deleted. I wanted to fill the list with things that would be enjoyable to me - things that I've dreamed about. I don't want it to be stressful to complete - but I also don't take it lightly. I see finishing this list as a very attainable long-term goal. I have faith that I can do it!

without further ado, here is my 40/40!

1.    do 108 consecutive sun salutations…without passing out.

2.    own a free-standing home. with a yard. maybe even a pool – maybe.

3.    visit the casa azul.

4.    return to vrindavan.

5.    road trip across the country, while making “eating” stops at veg restaurants. this will help me accomplish the next one…

6.    visit the west coast.

7.    visit montreal and quebec.

8.    become fluent(ish) in French.

9.    throw an adult, ladies only rasa-garbha/diwali party.

10.    learn to play harmonium (better, and do it more often).

11.    get published, for real, in print. (not necessarily a book – a single poem in a reputable publication will do).

12.    get  a terminal degree. or at least start working towards one.

13.    do the “couch to 5k” program.

14.    do a 5k. (doesn’t everyone put this on their list??)

15.    spend a summer “living” in France.

16.    save $25,000 in my retirement account (really, that’s not a lot!)

17.    pay off all of my student loans.

18.    explore/learn gardening.

19.    cook a raj bhoga offering for Sri Sri Radha-Govinda.

20.    take up and “master” (at some level) a craft (like, as in arts’ncrafts).

21.    meet and get a picture with Billy Collins. and a signed book.

22.    go on a retreat at a yoga asram… no place in particular, but somewhere like Kripalu.

23.    fundraise $5,000 for Food For Life/Sandipani Muni School.

24.    read Gone with the Wind.

25.    volunteer at a non-profit (at least 10 hours).

26.    take a studio art class.

27.    write/make/produce a poetry movie (a la Tanya Davis).

28.    create a self-portrait.

29.    finish devotee young adult novel.

30.    cook my way through a cookbook (a la Julia&Julia – cookbook TBD).

31.    read the entire bhagavad-gita, start to finish, with purports and no skipping words.

32.    visit one of the “wonders” of the world.

33.    make each of my children a quilt.

34.    become a National Board Certified English teacher.

35.    do a collaborative art project with my husband.

36.    read Mahabharat with Madhavi.

37.    do a 365 photo challenge.

38.    be in the audience of a tv show. (the jon stuart show would be fun!)

39.     sew an item of clothing (I’m thinking a dress) using a pattern.

40.    blog/write about doing the 40/40.

as you can see, number 40 is to blog about the experience of completing things on my list. I was going to start a whole other blog to do this - but thought, what the heck - this blog is about my moments of being - and completing this list will fit right in. so please stay tuned. I will also (soon) have a page at in the top bar of this blog with my complete list and updates as to which is done and some links where appropriate.

now, wish me luck!


EricaM1278 said...

I will do 108 Sun Salutations and go to Kripalu with you and I love that you want to cook through a cookbook. If I didn't have such a pain in the ass hubs to cook for I think that would be a lot of fun!!!

Scissors and Spice said...

Ok, let's get started on the road trip next week, kay?