billy collins poetry contest on figment!!

omg. omg. omg.

I'm totally hyperventilating! hold on. wait. let me take a breath.

can it be?! oh figment!

so it seems like give-aways and celebrity contests are all the rage on blogs these days. I never win give-aways or lotteries, so usually when I enter, I go in knowing that I'll probably be disappointed. but who needs a tofu press or tea towels when you can get billy collins to read your poem?!!? granted, I haven't entered many poetry contests, but I have placed/won a few. so I go into this one with a little but of confidence...except that I have to start my poem with the line "I want to play in a band with a crazy name." hrrmph. this is going to take some thought for sure.

the deadline is 7.3. I better get working!

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deva said...

DANG you totally shred us! hope you win this one.don't lose hope. my brother in law has carl castle's voice on his answering machine. of course, he won that 11 years ago and hasn't won anything since. when i give away tickets to paris, i will make sure you win!