the billy collins poetry contest on figment ~ please heart me!!

ok, so I finally did it. I wrote my poem for the figment billy collins poem contest.

the title of the poem is 'knowing'. it was quite a challenge, but I really like it in the end. so here's the scoop.

basically the way the contest works is that the top ten poems with the most "hearts" will go to billy collins. he will then read those ten poems and pick the one he likes the best as the winner. honestly, I don't even care if I win. sure, it would be nice, but in the end, I just want to be able to say billy collins read one of my poems. that, in and of itself, it awesomeness.

the annoying part of this contest is that in order for you, my friends and readers, to help me is that you have to actually sign up for a figment account in order to "heart" the poem. I know, it's very annoying. but pretty, pretty please help a girl out? and please repost to your facebook or twitter or whatever it is that you do and get your friends to heart me too? I will love you for ever and ever. truly.

so here it is - knowing - read it. heart it. looooooooooove it.

oh, oh, PS!!! the contest ends July 10. so please go vote today!!!

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