a note about 30/30

soooooo thanks Write Bloody for being super lame! or maybe I just misunderstood - but they made it seem like they were going to give a prompt for every day of the month. so I waited all day yesterday and nada! nothing! zilcho! wtf?! I wasn't slacking, I promise - and then when I was laying in bed last night thinking about it, I realized I should have just written something - anything - so I wouldn't be behind. but by then I was trapped by my nursing baby, so that wasn't going to happen.

anywho, I searched a bit and the poetry foundation has a 30/30 page on facebook. their prompt for day one is different, but I'm going to just leave the one I have because I love it so much. but from here on out I'll be doing their 30/30 prompts... and for today I'll do numbers two and three... just to catch up.

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