30/30: day twenty-five - pistachio

day twenty-five prompt: Write a poem that includes all of the following words: pistachio, ink, pebble, weather, varnish.


the memory comes back to me
like a flash of lightening -
quick, clear,
too bright to see it entirely -

I am 16,
standing on the corner
of Bleeker Street
with my poetess friends
and our guide.
the weather is clear.
there is a bar,
or maybe a kind of pub,
across the way,
and he tells us
that it is famous
for it's floor -
the varnish
littered with sawdust
and peanut shells.

my ink-stained hands still the same
as that 16 year old girl
standing on some New York street,
I think how
fleeting it all was.
so temporary,
like a pebble
skipping over the water,
my youth.

and I wonder why,
why peanut shells?
my generation,
one of hip-pretention,
would choose a more sophisticated
and expensive nut,
like the pistachio.

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