30/30: day twenty-eight - birds of a feather

day twenty eight prompt: Visit a virtual art gallery and take a look around until you find a piece that intrigues you. Write a poem inspired by the artwork.

'feather girls' by kelly vivanco   

birds of a feather

you know the saying
about birds of a feather -
I think that is true about us, too.

just think
about all the crazy
karmic intertwining
that we have.

a few years ago
I never would have pictured
our names together.
but now

when I look back
I can't believe
it took this long.

1 comment:

gus acevedo said...

things are closer than they seem
as you look back
through the rearview mirror of life

Better that than to use an opaque glass

a glass darkly

as if.

Reach. It is there in more than one
of the somewheres.
Just as I am there
No matter where.