30/30: day thirty - writing

day thirty prompt: Write a poem employing extended metaphor to illustrate the experience of the last 30 days as you were participating in the challenge.


the brain pregnant with words,
the pen birthing ink
on to the page,
each poem is
a child.

parents are supposed
to love all of their children
and inordinately.
how can I love
each and every poem?
there are so many,
some ugly and unruly,
others I would like
to throw over a cliff
or send down the river in a basket
or whose achilles tendon
I would like to cut.

the ones
with power -
the oysters laden
with pearls -
are rare.

like any good mother,
I claim them all,
nourish them,
let them breathe
each allotted breath,
even those dubbed
a failure to thrive.


Devadeva Mirel said...

ahhhh....the extended metaphor. love it. congrats on seeing your writing vow through. this was a great poem to finish up with.

really liked the reference to the oyster and achilles.


Gori Chori said...


I found your blog by "accident" (I don't believe in those.) You seem to me like a kindred spirit of sorts. Your bio could almost be mine, except that I taught elementary school.

I am an Irish-American Hindu (my husband is Indian), a poet, a Sharanya Manivannan fan (I met her last year when I was in Chennai. Amazing.), and "Holy Cow" was on the shelf next to my bed before I lent it to my mom.

Anyway, I have enjoyed reading your blog, and stole the 30/30 idea to get me back into the swing of writing, even though I'm a month late for Poetry Month. I have a writing blog called "Leaving Lilac Sky." It's "Friends Only," but if you are interested, I'd happily add you.


S. Thiagarajan

kmala said...

yes, yes!! let's correspond! I love when I find (or someone finds me, I should say) a kindred spirit. feel free to email me - kmddasi (at) gmail (dot) com.