30/30: day eighteen - wallowing

the day eighteen prompt also calls for rhyming (internally this time, as opposed the the end rhyme for yesterday) and I just refuse to do it. so, here's something from the heart for today...


ok, maybe I am wallowing.
or maybe I am just a miserable person.
sitting comfortably
in my sadness,
sopping in up,
like pancakes
in too much syrup.

or maybe I just know
who I am.
maybe I know who I want to be.
and maybe
just maybe
I am destined
to none of it.

and if I hear
one more time
that happiness
is not my
in this world,
or that I should lament
for nothing,
I will scream.
or break glass.
or jump off a bridge.
or perform
some other
equally dramatic statement.

so please,
leave me here,
or join me
for a moment -
maybe even for tea -
because my misery
loves company,

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