thoughts and intersections

I want to be writing. I miss it more than ever. I'm always inspired when I see an awesome blog post somewhere else, or when one of my friends blogs away. I've been trying to think how I can go about this in a way to get myself writing more, while also keeping it practical for my self in my current situation.

so one idea I had was to post some of my older writing. I figure that this will work two fold - 1. it may inspire me to write new stuff 2. it gets some of my other stuff out there. I used to have a real website with all of my writing on it, but then I switched from crap-pc to macworld and never started rebuilding it. so yea, I think I'm going to start doing that...

also, I was thinking of doing some "be grateful for what I have in the moment" posts. without going into too much detail, we're in a bit of financial trouble over here and we've really had to tighten the old bootstraps. I'm not an excessive crazy buyer like I buy $500 purses or jimmy choo's, but I do like to buy things. so I was thinking that I could start posting things that I have that I am grateful for - in all realms - friends, family, spiritually, materially - and maybe this will help me have some perspective.

those are my ideas for now. I hope to get myself moving along. I'll also be updating my favorite shopping sites and blogs as I go along. I've been building a folder of bookmarks for a while, but just haven't had the chance to put everything up.

I hope you'll stay tuned. here's something to wet your pallet... or whatever.


at the place
where 527 and 537
there is a ranch house.
a man in a wheelchair
watches traffic
go by
while his little
white poodle
sniffs the grass.
I wonder,
has he seen me
drive by
recognized my car?
will he call my boss
and say,
‘she is not at her desk
staring at her computer.
she is taking advantage,
and you pay her
to run errands, instead.’
the flag
outside of his door
makes me imagine him
as some kind of survivor
of war,
as one
who has seen enough
to see right

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