a little j.o.y. never hurt anyone... jenny owen youngs that is.

this evening I had the rare opportunity to be alone in my car for more than five minutes... about twenty five to be exact. alone car time means one of two things: either complete silence or music at full blast. tonight I decided on the latter - I have totally been needing some music therapy. I decided on some jenny owen youngs - who has been my soundtrack for life as of late. I fell in love with her sound way back when I first heard her on my friend kristen's myspace page (you know, back when people still used myspace). it was defintiely love at first listen. j.o.y is a complete song writing genius in my [completely worthless] opinion. I'm not sure what it is about her that I feel like I relate to the most - I think maybe it's the subtle self-loathing syndrome... but mostly I find myself thinking that if I was a singer/songwriter, I would want to write songs like her. you can't beat lines like:

"I've been mapping it out/ I don't know what's wrong with me/ but I wish that it was something else/ I've been mapping it out/ maybe you should find a girl/ that cares about herself." from drinking song.

or, like:
"something's lost when I translate you/ think I have it/then it slips through/decoding you has proved the hardest thing/I know you love me if it starts to sting" from if I didn't know.

"parts of me I don't need anymore can go...make it a clean break/make it a fast cut/ don't want to feel the ache/ don't want to keep the rot" from clean break.

and of course one of her most well known...

"if we weren't such good friends I think that I'd hate you/ if we weren't such good friends I'd wish you were dead." from fuck was I.

and lastly the line I love the most...

"123, I hate me./there's no one else who I know how to be." from coyote.

oh, jenny, thanks for a fun ride home.

me and jenny when I saw her play the internet cafe in 2007. I think I told her I wanted a crazy picture. alas the internet cafe is now an urban outfitters I think.

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Devadeva Mirel said...

urban outfitters has shitty clothes.