gender issues and a drunken secretary

so, again, here I am updating you instead of doing work... the humanity!

anyway, yesterday I went for my second pre-natal check-up. after an hour and a half in the waiting room, I finally got to see the doctor for a whole five minutes (this was at 8:30pm, btw!). in the end I wasn't really too annoyed because my doctor is really nice and a little bit cute, so I let it slide. I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to get another sonogram, but I guess it wasn't on the agenda. I did, however, get to hear the heartbeat, which was quite nice.

and so this brings me to the great heartbeat debate. my baby's heartbeat has been around 170, which, according to the old wives' tale, predicts a girl. when I was pregnant with madhavi, her heartbeat was also in the same range. my thoughts... well, even though I know it is an old wives' tale, there is part of me that believes it, solely based on my own experience. could it be wrong? absolutely. do I believe it to be 100% true? absolutely not.

when I was pregnant with madhavi I knew before they even told me that I was having a girl. instinct, perhaps? this time around I have no feeling about the gender what-so-ever. personally, I'm not really a boy person. I know this will sound weird, but I'm a little scared by having to take care of the boy-parts. boy clothes are generally pretty ugly, which is another turn off. I'm also super-anti-traditional boyish things like sports and aggression and stuff. so yea, I wouldn't say I would ask for a boy (you know, like if someone was like "ok, you can have whatever you want"). on the other hand, though I know it sounds like I am, I'm not completely adverse to having a boy either. my husband really wants a son, so I think that makes me kind of want one too - because I want to make him happy - despite my own aversions and issues.

many people say to me they think I'm having a boy... but I think it's more like, "you already have a girl, so you should have a boy next." I don't know if I believe in this logic either... but I think that hearing it so much has also opened me up to thinking about the possibilities.

on the other hand, part of me thinks it's a girl because of the physical changes I am undergoing, which are exactly as they were with my daughter: my nausea/indigestion discomfort is the same, my ars is getting wider and wider by the minute, and I'm not feeling particularly "glowy" or attractive. isn't a wide ars and ugliness a sure sign of a girl?!

in the end, though I know it sounds cliche, I hope and wish every day for a healthy baby. yes, I pray for other little things too - but happy and healthy most importantly. so far, so good.

on a side note, what the hell is with people saying weird things to pregnant ladies?! a case study:

meet the drunken secretary at my work - we'll call her Sally. Sally isn't actually drunk, but she acts really drunk and points her finger at people a lot. here's a little something from this morning:

Sally: So, wait, how far along are you?

Me: 11 weeks.

Sally: Really? Are you sure about that?

Me: Um, yea, I'm sure.

Sally: Wow, you look more than 11 weeks!

Me: yea, I, uh, eat a lot. it's the only thing that makes me feel better.

WTF?! why would a person insinuate that a pregnant lady is looking fat?! people are so weird.

incidentally, I only gained 6 lbs from 7 weeks to 11 weeks... that's not so bad, right?

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Devadeva Mirel said...

wow...i just wonder how people like sally manage to get and keep a job and i don't. whatever.

6 pounds for first trimester sounds great. and yeah, girls do make you fat and ugly lol!

my advice (not that you asked) is not to think about the gender too much. it's already done and you don't want your kid to be "confused."

much love to you and the husband. praying for you and your healthy baby! xo