kmala is bored. kmala is procrastinating.

I want to do everything. here is a short list of things I want to do.

- get my license to practice counseling privately in NJ (i.e. the LPC)

- learn Hindi

-learn Bharatanatyam

- open up a tea shop and become an official chai maharani

- do yoga everyday and maybe even teach

- take a vacation to Maldives - more specifically here.

- become fluent in French...again.

- get my doctorate... in something.

- cook something fresh and yummy everyday.

- teach/live abroad, preferrably in India, but I'm not completely attached to there.


lenny zimkus said...

hey kadamba, pick something anything, and stick to it. a little each day will make a difference even if it takes you 10 years.
just think where you would be if you had started 10 years ago.

Jahnavi said...

hey I want to do all of these too - except counselling...you can do it, as lenny says - pick one...I picked dance after a five year break (when I was 18) I thought I was too old but I'm so glad I did it now!

kmala said...

thanks glal and jahnavi for your words of encouragement. mostly, I just get restless. I don't like waiting for things to happen - I just want them to happen now, which I know is a ridiculous expectation. this is also coupled with not really knowing what I want to do and just wanting to be happy - and if I had any sense at all I would know that I should just be happy with what I have and that there is no happiness in the material world and I should just chant hare krishna.
so much easier said than done, though.
for now I'm still a little bit in limbo. I applied to a post-MA program at TCNJ in marriage and family therapy and have an entrace interview next week. I don't know if I'll do it or not. this would get me going towards that LPC. part of me doesn't want to do it and would rather do my idea about going for yoga teacher training. but that just seems impractical.
see, I could go on and on about this.
the only person who knows what will happen is Krishna, and He's really good at keeping secrets,

Devadeva Mirel said...

quite an ambitious list there, sister. surely i can relate, although the details are different.

nonetheless, i am here to remind you that there *is* happiness in the material world...but it it temporary.

hey, i can live with that.

kmala said...

true dd, chapalasuka, right?
I think, in the end, it's really about gratitude - at least for me - being grateful for all of the good things I have, and not hankering for what I don't have. also, being patient, and having faith that Krishna will take care of me.
it's just not always easy.