on the eve of thirty


I consider my options.
pop them into my mouth,
let them sit
on my tongue
too long.
chew them up.
spit them out.
put them under a microscope.
look closer.
pick them apart.
watch them multiply,
like a cancer.
and they scream at me,
'you can do anything!
you can do everything!'
they hurt.
and I am overwhelmed,
by the indecision
they leave


Devadeva Mirel said...

are you 29??????

kmala said...

not anymore!

Tulasi said...

Dearest Kadamba,

My humble experience is that the important things get WAY better on the other side of thirty.

The angst of different possibilities wanes as we see our limitations and accept them. Then we become happy working within the strong safeguards Krishna has given us out of love for this lifetime...

Happy Birthday! love

kmala said...

Tulsi - thank you for your kind words. I'm actually somewhat glad the 20's are over and done. but I also don't want to be old. :) but that's the material world, right?

p.s. - for anyone who is wondering, the painting is by Edvard Much.

Tulasi said...

Edvard Munch used to be one of my favorite painters back in my early twenties...I think 'The Scream' pretty much summed up my life back then! Now, surprisingly, Monet's water lilies are more apt (with Srila Prabhupada's harmonium playing in the background)... though I still get my Munch moments..love

Bhakti lata said...