I teach part-time for a local community college in their english department. I actually really love this job, and wish that it was my full-time gig. I've taught a few different classes, but over the past few semesters I have mostly taught english I (composition) and english II (survey of literature). at the end of every semester I ask my students to get out a piece of scrap paper and anonymously answer a few questions. I usually want to know two main things: something they really liked or learned from the class and something I could do to improve the class for future students. I ask them to take this very seriously and to please not give ass-kissing answers - afterall, I don't read them until well after grades have been entered and they are anonymous anyway, so it wouldn't matter.
so yesterday I remembered that I hadn't read the ones from the fall semester. in general, I don't get any negative responses. some of them are endearing, and some are funny. I thought I would share a few... not in an egotistical way - just in a way to share.

"suggestion - just keep loving what you do and don't get discouraged by ungrateful students"

"suggestions for improvement - no shakespeare, would make this course a 10 (underlined!). or almost a ten. maybe a 9 1/2."

"I learned how to enjoy reading and understanding poetry. Also, I learned my own taste in what kind of poetry I enjoy. [...] I felt that you also explained everything perfect to the class because you can see things the way we can, unlike old boring teachers."

"I appreciate you exposing me to classical works like Othello. I very much appreciate how open you are to everyone's opinions unlike other English professors I've had in the past."

"I learned that I won't read another William Shakespeare play as long as I'm not forced to."

"One thing I enjoyed and appreciated is realizing that poetry or even picking up a good book every once in a while isn't a bad thing. I will occasionally find a good book and actually read it."

aren't they so endearing?


Devadeva Mirel said...

thanks for sharing the comments. i love hearing what an awesome teacher you are! if i have to come back and study shakespeare, i hope you are my instructor.

while i "like" his stuff, i don't like it.

anyway, pat on the back from me to you ;)

kmala said...

I wouldn't exactly call me awesome - I think I'm just down to earth and reasonable. most college professors are neither of those. I give a crap load of work and my content knowledge is pretty limited.

I'm not a huuuge fan of Willie S, though I do appreciate him. his stuff is pretty genius in a sense. I mostly do Othello because I don't like any of the other drama works in the text I have to use.

and thanks :)