I feel a little pressure - like perhaps you are waiting for or expecting me to write about my recent experiences in vrindavan. I've been meaning to write - you know my intentions are always good - but things have been either crazy or sleepy since we got back. I spent all of last week in a jet-lag haze and some how, still, I am falling asleep super early (at least early for me). and if it's not sleep, it's something else. any way, no more excuses - here I am now.
but now I'm focusing on being back in my regular life - not my 8 day vrindavan life. I have a few things on my mind that I'd like to write about, but I feel obligated to give a vraj entry first. so I thought maybe I would just give you some highlights, some snippets of memory.
on our third day in india - our second in vraj, we are supposed to go to varshana with my guru. a slight change in plans last minute and we are off to radha kunda and govardhana hill. we do a quick parikrama of radha kund - stop at bhakti svarupa damodar goswami's samadhi, lord nityananda's sitting place (for my husband, of course). when we go to take darshan of srimati radharani's liquid prema the brahman that has been following us for fifteen minutes offers to help us offer puja to radha kund. actually, maharaj says madhavi and jayadeva should do it and then the brahman insists that I be involved as well, so I also sit in. we have a family puja to radha-kund. it feel weird - kind of too hindu while simultaneously feeling really special and auspicious. we chant, repeat after the brahmin, and then offer some flowers, incense, and diyas. we are rewarded with red string around our wrists.

remnants of our radha kund puja

then we are off to the ISKCON bhaktivedanta asrama at govardhana hill. my guru has some business to attend to so he arranges for us to get on a flat bed rickshaw for a half parikrama of giriraja maharaj. it takes about an hour and it is cramped and uncomfortable, but we are blessed with being able to take in the beauty of govardhana hill. my husband tells madhavi the govardhana pastime. she is disturbed by the curse on govardhana. we have a mini-kirtan. we talk more about govardhan. and then we are back at the palace, ready for our ride back to raman reti.
on our half parikrama of giriraj

ok, so you won. I wrote way more than I had planned about just one experience. there is just so much to tell. maybe I will have to take turns between memories of vraj and the reality of now. I suppose I will just have to surrender to however it unfolds... just like the rest of life.

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