no room to breathe.

there is a pile of papers to be filed. bills to be sorted through. essays for grading. act iv of othello to be read. a carpet to be vacuumed. a floor to be swept. dusty shelves for wiping. dirty clothes for washing. project runway, antm, law and order, and countless episodes of oprah, dr. phil, and the dog whisperer to be watched. an entire thesis project to be written, proofread, and completed. empty cupboards and a refrigerator need stocking. a daughter, husband, dog, and deities that require attention. rounds to be chanted, always. things to remember, things to forget, things to just plain ignore.
not enough time in the day.
in this life.
no room to breathe.


Devadeva Mirel said...

you need to do some hatha yoga!!!!

Jayadeva said...

Well...you could probably leave the TV watching off the list of things that NEED to get done! And you don't have to give me attention. I like when you go on the computer and completely ignore me...*sob sob*

kmala said...

yea, you know it's bad when the tv schedule becomes stressful. bye-bye ceasar.