summer nights

there aren't many things I like/enjoy about summer. my bodily constitution just isn't down with heat and sweat and mosquitos (who love me) and all of the other stuff that comes along with the season. I do, however, love cool summer nights. one of my favorite things is driving at night with my windows down while the cool breeze engulfs my being. it brings me back to the summer of '96 - the first summer I had a drivers license. I would drive around aimlessly, down the Bridge Ave Extension (Jersey Shore locals will know these directions...) to route 88, making my way towards the bridge - over to Point Plesant, down to the road that runs along the beach. I would start at what my friends and I would call the "jetty" and then drive my way down to the end of the Point boardwalk. I guess it's what some would call "cruising", but I just thought of it as a way to clear my head - breathing the salt air, getting in touch with my western astrological water sign. well, that was back when my parents paid for my gas and it was only .89 a gallon (um, yes, that's eight-nine cents! like as in, under one dollar!) now that I pay for my own gas and it's almost $4.00 a gallon, I don't do any of that aimless driving. I live farther from the beach these days, so my only summer night driving enjoyment happens when I am on my way home from somewhere late at night. I'll take that, I suppose.


Devadeva Mirel said...

driving is such a new jersey pastime. i used to love to go for drives and i tried it out once when my husband and i got together. he was like, "where are we going?" and i was like, "nowhere." wasn't popular with him.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

We go out for rides on the weekend sometimes. Depending on the direction we're heading there might be a stop involved (he likes breakfast at Denny's. For me, they make good decaf.)but a lot of times there's not.

Since they are putting up houses in so many different places he knows how to get from A to B to Q and it makes it fun.

I don't ever drive on these trips. Sometimes I will go for a ride myself but not as often anymore. Actually I'm more known for huge weekend road trips. I used to do NYC (from Wilmington NC via route 17-*not 95!!!) in a weekend.

I must tell you and don't be offended, I despise driving in Jersey. I can tolerate the turnpike if I have no other option. The GSP makes me physically ill, especially down around the Oranges. Once you get north of the GWB I quite like that side of the river, though. The Palisades is a blast.