a simple moment

this evening while I was in between teaching I went to go get something to eat. I sat myself down at a table with a book (you know, so I didn't look like a loser eating by myself) and was situated in such a way that I had a view of two ladies in a booth. they had also just sat down with their salads. I was absently observing them - you know, when you're looking at something or someone, but not really intending to be looking - and all of a sudden they both bowed their heads and began to say a prayer. I couldn't hear what they were saying because they were across the room, but it was a simple but shocking sight. not shocking in a horrifying way, but more in an unusual and out of the ordinary way. do people really pray before they eat these days? as a devotee, I am supposed to do the same before I eat food blessed by Krishna - though I rarely say the prayer. it's such a simple thing, yet so thoughtful and purifying. I can also see this as a tool to be in the now - to be grateful for what I have been given in the moment. actually there are so many things like that in kc, and I so ungratefully neglect them. so selfish, so thoughtless.

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