o/~she's a maniac, maniac on the floor....o/~

yes, this is my daughter dancing her little heart out at a competition a few weeks ago (and yes, I stole this picture from the photographers website where they were trying to sell a 4x6 for like $15). she's totally dedicated to her art form, and this is quite evident in her commitment on the stage. people often ask me where she gets it from. I usually just shrug my shoulders and smile. but really, only those who grew up with me would know, that really, this was me at her age. I have crazy memories of dancing on the ledge of my grandparents fireplace to "these dreams" by heart (um, ok, it was the 80's after all) or making a video to "locomotion" by kylie minogue in my living room... or then there was the time that mtv had a "make your own video" contest for madonna's true blue - oh, I was all over that! and then there was the ac/dc contest... ok, let's not talk about that one - but the point is this, it is amazing how much can be carried through genetically, karmically from parent to child. I just hope that my daughter has the courage to do what I did not - to follow her heart, her dreams. that she will not get sucked into societies expectations of her to be everything all at once.

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Ryan said...

At least no one can say they doubt your commitment to Sparklemotion.