'and miles to go before I sleep'

I crawl inside of you
so familiar
fetus like,
comfort and warmth
in your darkness
so deep,
hopeless -
I press my ear to the glass -
listen, think
'cicadas in april?'
you say,
it is too cold.'


Devadeva dasi said...

i like the poem. very "writer's almanac." please post something new. i am running out of ways to waste my time on the internet.

Devadeva dasi said...

i don't mean "waste my time" in a derrogatory way towards your blog. just towards my life. you understand, no?

kmala said...

I promise something soon. maybe even tonight. though I doubt it because I'm about ready to fall over after being out of my house for the past 12 1/2 hours. soon, I promise. promise, promise.