sleep to dream

so remember how I said all I could think about was my thesis? well, I ended up dreaming about it last night - tosssing and turning. I have to say, though, that I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished today. I got a big chunk of my IRB application done (what I have to do to get my research approved by the state), got most of my ungraded papers graded, and sent out some resumes. I also fit in seeing one of my clients at work and even wrote up my progress notes.

but I was so super stressed out. all I could think about was some way of letting it out. in fact, all I could think about was whether I should go shop it out or eat myself silly. which would be the most pleasureable now and least painful later? I went for the shopping, but made my husband come with me so I wouldn't go too crazy. he's usually the voice of reason (though I am questioning the monkey dish towels he let me buy when we already have plethora of unused dish towels in the closet). I can't say I feel all that much better - but I got an email from my thesis advisor that said something like, "I'm impressed with the progress you have made." now, coming from him I'm not sure how to take that - but the way I choose to take it, it makes me feel better.

I'm just hoping that tonight will hold sweeter dreams.

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