that's offensive, prabhu.

I'm still feeling pretty worn out, and I don't have a lot of energy to write tonight. so instead I thought I'd share a devotee joke that madhavi thought was the funniest thing ever. it's from the goloka joke book or "krishna started a joke", published by nectar books. brace yourself.

"the devotees at the temple had been feeding a stray cat krishna-prasadam for many years, and the cat finally expired one day out on the temple lawn. a little devotee girl, who had developed affection for the animal, was very sad when it left it's body. a mataji consoled the girl, saying, "it's all right - krishna has take the cat away." the girl sobbed, "but what in the world would krishna want with a dead cat?"

are you laughing? I didn't really get it either, but madhavi was hysterically laughing...maybe I'm not enough of an avadhuta.

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