sorry girls... and maybe even boys.

I know it's been a while... things are so crazy now that school and job #2 have re-started. being sucked into the vortex, as I compared it to in my last post, is an understatement. I took today off of work because I am already feeling overwhelmed. there are so many things I want to write about, but I just don' t have the energy or the time. it kind of makes me want to cry, but as my counselor once told me, I tend to sabotage myself and put myself into these situations, so I guess the intelligent side of me thinks I should stop whining.

lali went and got her first professional grooming today - her hair was out of control on her face - like she couldn't even see, and I was too afraid I would poke her eye out if I tried to cut it. she looks so cute and ewokkie.

I went to check out the Philly temple last night and am 99% sure I'm going to start going there on a regular basis. the sunday school seems nice and I like the atmosphere. ultimately I would love to be going to brooklyn every sunday, but the drive is so stressful and the program runs really late. and even better than that would be if I felt any connection to the edison center here in nj, but I don't. so that's not really an option either. oh well.

ok, I have to go to bed, for real. tomorrow is another long ass day.


kiriti dasi said...

glad to see that you will be frequenting philli. this will inspire me to go more. i could surely use your jersey association.

kmala said...

you better go. I'm counting on it!

Lila said...

I thought I saw Madhavi at the program. Sorry we missed you--we skipped out before the class. Hope to regularly see you guys on Sunday now!