I had today off of work... I went to Brooklyn last night, which was really nice. it's funny, because whenever I get a chance to go there, I lament over how much I miss it, but when I am away for a long time, then I just hate NJ because it is so expensive, etc. in actuality, I don't really think I could live anywhere other than near my radha-govindaji.

so I slept super late this morning, which is both good and bad. I was watching oprah the other day and her new favorite doctor was saying how sometimes we really just need to sleep. the doctor was saying how if she really needs it she can sleep for like 15 hours. that seems kind of excessive to me, but I really can appreciate a good nights sleep. after having madhavi and then having chronic fatigue (which is symptomized by insomnia, ironically enough), I had the realization that sleep deprivation is truly the worst form of torture. I am seriously not fun to deal with when I haven't slept enough. anyway, I slept until like 8:45ish - very late for me, considering I get up around 5am for work, usually. when I woke up I kind of felt like a I had a hang over - which I attribute to either too much sleep or the possible msg in the prasdam last night. whatever...

then, somehow, I felt inspired to be productive. my husband had to work and asked me if I could wake gaura-nitai. sure thing! so I got myself together, cleaned a little a long the way... oh, gave lali a bath too... took a shower, then woke the deities. after that I put madhavi in the bath, chanted for a little while, took her out, and the set myself in cleaning mode. last week I cleaned out my clothes closet in order to make room for all of my new clothes from india. I got rid of 4 huge bags of stuff (how do you like the stuff, btw, kiriti??). that felt really good. today I organized my hall utility closet, which felt even better, because that closet has been haunting me for like two years. the sad part is that it didn't even take me that long to clean/organize. I also washed all of my bedding... which was actually kind of annoying because I had a ton of other laundry to do, and now it's almost 9pm, and it's still not done yet. but hey, I'm just really excited that I didn't waste the day. I could have easily just jumped back into bed and watched bad tv all day. oh, did I mention I went grocery shopping and made dinner too? just call me donna reed.

I'm also glad that I feel really prepared for the spring semester to start. that's not to say I want it to - that I haven't been relishing this time off - but I have all of my syllabi and course descriptions ready for the classes I'm teaching, and, well, there's not all that much I can do to prepare for the classes I'm taking. though, in addition to the two counseling classes I'm taking this semester, I'm also freshening up my bhakti-sastri knoweldge and taking a nectar of devotion class once a week that my godbrother, ekacakra, is teaching. this is nice because I love nectar of devotion and also it gives me a chance to read my guru maharaj's book. technically I read it when I took bhakti-sastri like a million years ago, but that was before it was published, when they were using it just as spiral bound study guide. anyway, I'm excited about that too.

so, now it's the countdown to presidents day weekend. that will be exciting for three reasons - 1. we're going to see ingrid michaelson that friday (yeay!!) 2. it's a four day weekend 3. it's one step closer to spring break - which is one step closer to the summer (double yeay!!).

so, thanks dr. martin luther king for the day off. and thank you krishna for inspiring me to be useful.


kiriti dasi said...

love the clothes kadamba. thanks for cleaning out your closet.

satyavati said...

Hey, haribol...
I haven't had much time online because of having to scap wireless connections where ever I can find them. But I've missed you.

Is that a picture of Radha Ksira Cora Gopinath from Toronto??

kmala said...

nope, it's actually an old picture of radha govinda in brooklyn. aren't they so beautiful???