only by her mercy

vrindavana was awesome. we were so lucky that we were able to go, especially without any difficulty. srimati radharani is so merciful. our flights were smooth, our drive from delhi to vraj uneventful, and the entrance sublime. I have to admit that I regret not going straight from delhi to vrindavana. I feel like I wasted a day in that regard. we arrived very late saturday night (really sunday morning) and stayed the night in a shotty hotel (never stay at the maharani!) so as to shop a bit in delhi the next day. that was a waste because most markets and stores are closed in delhi on sundays. we arrived in vrndavana on sunday evening, right into the traffic of the weekend. it was still nice. we some how ran into hari kirtan right away, who then took us over to maharaj's place (I had no idea where to find him). then it was off to the mvt for dinner and then a lovely sleep in anticipation of mangala aratik the next day.
we did vrindavana parikram the first day - maharaj said it was a good way to enter the dham. it was a nice walk, but I didn't really feel like I was entering the dham. without maharaj it felt like just a nice walk. we walked right passed so many places without even realizing it ("hey, isn't imli tal here somewhere???"). I was thinking about how fortunate I was to be able to do this same parikram with my guru so many years before. I can close my eyes and visualize him standing there on the parikram path, arms raised, singing the maha mantra in my most favorite tune (if I could explain it, I would, but it's just impossible). one nice bonus to this parikram was that it was exceptionally warm. that meant that the diety was in the tree at chira ghat! every other time I've been to vraj it's been too cold, but this time I was lucky enough to be able to take darshan. I went up to pay my obeisances. I thought I was smart - yes - I took my shoes off and paid my obeisances on top of them. Wait a minute - what was I doing wearing my shoes on parikram anyway?!? well, that was my afterthought - after the monkey swooped in and stole my birkie. I actually didn't care all that much - my very first thought was that this was Krsna chastising me for wearing shoes while trying to enter the dham. the monkey ran up into the tree and proceed to nibble on my faux-leather. it was actually kind of cute. some toasted snacks thrown up and the shoe came down. no harm.

(that's me in the blue sari on the lower left, looking up in the tree at that naughty monkey, who blends in to the point that you can't even see him!)

the monkey's only got naughtier. a few steps later and one hopped onto my husbands back and snatched his glasses. that was a little more annoying because my husband is practically blind without his glasses - what were we thinking, not bringing an older, less expensive pair??? we got them back, but scratched to the point that we have to get new ones.

but how can I complain? I would take shoe-and-glasses-rascally-stealing monkies any day if I could just be back in vraj.

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satyavati said...

You are so incredibly fortunate.. please bless me that someday I can go.