the extrvaganza

I'm sure you've been wondering about the shopping. after the vrindavana parikram, we went for lunch, then took little naps and then went off to class. I knew I had to get down to ganga prasad asap, so even though it was late and I was super tired, I decided to go that night. it's all a blur really. sunil, my customer service specialist, asked me where I had been... wasn't I supposed to be there two days ago?? it was nice to feel wanted. anyway, as I was saying, it was all a blur of fabric. madhavi was tired and cranky, my husband looked like he was going to pass out. it was two torturous hours. I was nowhere near finished. I finally asked sunil, as I sat in a pile of unfolded saris and ikats, if I could come back first thing in the morning to finish. he gave me the indian head shake, indicating it was no problem.

I did indeed go back the next morning, and proceeded to spend another four hours there... and pretty much killed an entire day at loi bazaar. after all, I still needed to go to the book store and the jewlery shop. shopping that day was not fun. not at all. the next morning when I was standing in front of sri sri radhe syama singing my little heart out (bolo hari hari, mukunda murari, rama krishna hayagrivaaaaa!) I thanked Krishna. I thought to myself, "I know what Your trying to do. You made shopping here so not fun. Thank you! Thank you for this purification, I really need it!" did I mention that next day I was going on my delhi shopping spree with seva priya... oh yea, I was.

so anyway, delhi was incredibly fun. so much for that purification. the sari's were beautiful... more than I could ever imagine. padakam, anokhi, fabindia, utsav....oh the list could go on and on! I was also really glad that I could spend some time with seva priya and get to know her better. I don't think she believes me, but really I was just as excited to get to hang out with her all day as I was to be able to shop.

all in all, I spent approximately... are you ready for this? do you really want to know? should I embarrass myself to this degree?
no, I'm not ready for it. just enjoy the pictures... and know that they do not do justice to the beauty of half of these saris....
(note: this is by no means a comprehensive set of photographs of everything I bought. it would have taken forever to do that!)
the sari on the top (maroon) is the one and only silk I bought from ganga prasad. sunil kind of guilted me into buying it. not intentionally, but I just felt like he really wanted to sell me one in this style, so I took it. it's nice though. the blue one on the bottom is very unique. it's from this shop called Tulsi. they claimed that this is a one of a kind design, only made by them. it's totally outside of my box, but as you will see, I was all about checks and stripes this trip.

this picture isn't very good. the sari on the top is gorgeous. it has huge borders on the top and bottom with really simple embroidery and beading. the choli is interesting too, as it is black on the one side and gold on the other. the marroon and silver/grey sari below that one is from this very nice little shop called utsav (which we almost didn't make it to!). this picture does not do it justice at all. it's very simple, but so elegant, and a very, very nice silk.

blue and gold check on the top, very beautiful. the red one on the bottom isn't really that red in person. it's more of a maroon I think. but it's striped and simple, but a heavy and elegant silk. I bought these two, plus that one above with the thick border at the same shop, padakam. it's very, very high class. I spent an insane amount of money in that shop. but so worth it. soooo worth it!
these are all of my simple cotton saris. the one on the very far left is from anokhi. the rest are from ganga prasad. I didn't realize until it was all over how much blue I did this year. so unlike me. but I really do love them all.

this sari is my most favorite buy of the whole trip. it's from fabindia, and it is indeed quite fab. it's a cotton, but a really nice cotton. stripey and kind of irridescent (sp?). I can't wait to wear it!

I got Madhavi an excessive amount of stuff. so much that even thinking about taking pictures of it all made me tired. but these are two of my favs that came out of the fabric mess at ganga prasad. I really liked how thes put the skirt fabric in the tops. very nice.

these are a few skirts I had made for myself. the green one came from some fabric I found at one of the state emporiums in delhi. the plaid one in the middle was a sari... I couldn't decide whether to keep it as a sari or make it into a skirt. it was a little much as a sari. sunil said, "you keep it a sari now, come back next year, make it a skirt." since I knew I probably wasn't coming back next year, I opted for the skirt now. the other is made from an orissan. I loved it as a sari, except the pallou (sp?) didn't feel right to me. so I opted for a skirt here too.

this final shot is of a dress I got at anokhi. I also got one in blue. I couldn't resist. I purchased a few other things there as well... but like I said, too lazy.

I'll try to make it more transcendental tomorrow. maybe.


satyavati said...

OMG!! Did you have not one single sari in your closet to start with? Are you donating everything that was in there?? You've got more in these pictures than I have altogether!

And your taste is fantastic. That light blue one in the first picture is gorgeous.

I wanna go shopping with you.

kmala said...

LOL! you should *see* my closet. I literally just said to my husband, "this mess is ridiculous!" I don't even know where I'm going to put everything. I have a little "collecting" problem.

as far as my taste, thanks. sunil told me it was very "different".

my shopping skills... well, I don't know how refined they are. but I've taken shelter of the best shopping gurus around.

Lenny Zimkus said...

wow those are great pics of vrindavan

Devadeva dasi said...

oooh. okay, you are making me want to unbloop. thanks for publishing the "guide to shopping in delhi." i am going to print out this post and stick it inside a little fake velvet jewelry pouch with a zipper, along with my cash, and carry it inside my choli where my boobs would be if i had any!

can i make a date to come over and drool on your sari's? i think what i am missing is some kind of event based on fashion. how about a sari formal?

i remember when (the theme of my january) living at towaco and kaunteya came to do a bhakti vrksa seminar. he asked us all to think of things we could do with new people to turn them on/connect them to kc. the men were all giving answers like "take a hike in the woods," "read sp's books together." i was like...GO SHOPPING...you know, for like, saris and stuff. kaunteya was like..."uh-huh...anyone else?"

alright...one day...you, me and seva-priya hit the streets of delhi!!!

kmala said...

I think we should have a devotee prom. any takers????

Jahnavi said...

hahaa! Sunil told me my taste in saris was 'different' aswell! We must have similar taste because I was picking out checks and things and he was like...yaa...some people like that kind of style...not many....but some people...

In the meantime, everyone around me proceeded to tell me my choices looked more like gumchas than saris...

but I love gumchas!!

You picked out some really gorgeous ones...I LOVE the fab india one. I went to fab india too and was so overwhelmed by how many I loved (and how much money i'd spent in vrindavan) that I didn't buy a single one...how i regret it ...